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trip in Argentina

After having a great time Brazil with the people am now in Argentina. Argentina is a very beauitful place it is the eight largest country in world. Argentina has some of the world tallest mountain, impressive waterfalls.The country is so big for me to visit only the region in Argentina I would have to devote my self for that trip.After have so mush fun on the amazon in I wanted to go to place where I could relax for a day and get away from the city so I went to the lguaza waterfall and rainforest. In the rainforest you can find thousand of species of flowering plant like the (Amazon lily and the Jacaranda), butterflies and birds. The lguaza waterfalls is a waterfall that is shared by Brazil and Argentina. I had a wonderful time exploring the falls from the Argentina side by going close up to the falls and look at it.

After visiting that beauitful waterfall it now time for me to go back in the city an go to historic place an to meet with people that live in the Argentina.While I was in the city I went to a party that starts 2 am until after the sun come up only in Argentina.The people there or very nice. On now it time for me to move on to the next country South Africa.

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trip to Brazil

After leaving venezuela to the biggest and wonderful city in Brazil the rio De Janeiro. Brazil is know for the Amazon,Carnival and Beaches. When I arrive in Rio. I took a walk on the beach and around the city a saw many beauitful people and things and the statue on the mountain with Christ. while I was on the top of the mountain I could see the beaches and forest below it is very beauitful when the sun is going down setting on the sea. The children in Rio had on project going on by building small houses in there community.
After have a great time in the city I wanted to take trip to the amazon. The amazon is the biggest forest in the world. It took me a day to get to the amazon by driving from Rio. In the amazon I saw different type of bird's, insect and plants.I had a great time in the Amazon swimming with the pink bottlenose dolphin and a boat tour down the Amazon river it was a great experience.After having so mush fun in Brazil it now time to move on to the next place Argentina.


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trip to Venezula


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For many year's I think about different country and how life would be for me out of my country in a next country but after visiting these country i know. After living and family and friends to take a trip around the world it was pay well i visit many beauitful place and meet many wonderful people that make me feel like am at home. I first visited Venezula. Venezula is a place that i always wanted to visit cause of its water fall The Angel Falls the highest water falls in the world.I could not want to see it a start my tour in Venezula and have fun there an visit the place that i hear stories about like the Cayo de Agua in Venezula.
The Cayo de Agua is a beauitful beach and a "Paradise"only 40 minutes away from the Gran Roque to get to the Cayo De Agua you would have to go on boat on the other side of the island with crystal clear water and a beauitful white sand beach to my self and a place that everyine sould visit to get away from work.The Cayo De Agua is absolutely worth it.The people in Venezula is very nice and heplful. After visiting those places and meeting those wonderful people my tripe is finish and i have to move on to the next country on my list brazil.

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