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WOW France is know for it French wine, French food and cheese.

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trip to italy


After visiting the africa I am when in Italy. Italy is know for it's food and river's.Venice was my first stop in Italy. In Venice I went on a water bus along the Great canal it's like going back in centuries cause of how the place look a feel. It is so relaxing . The waterway is 3,5km and go through six districs.


After visiting the great canal.I then went to Napoli to get pizza.I never tasted any pizza like that in my life its so good. Napoli is a beauitful village and it is close to a bay.I love every thing about ilaty it is really know for its food.

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After having a graet time in nigeria am now in Ghana. Ghana is know for its dances during they celebration. While I was in Ghana I went to the mole national park where I saw elephants and other animal that live Africa. I went on a bustour over mole to see the animals.


After a day at the mole I went to the Coco beach is a beauitful place. while I was taken a walk dow the beach I saw alot for crystalline aquamarina water gentley lapped the white sandy shore. I made friends with some for the local who have a hut on the beach about a minle way for the hotel that was run by some local villager. I had a complete privacy and ejoy the fresh food for the villager.

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Nigeria is located on the west side of Africa. In Nigeria I visited some of the beauitful view like the olumirin water where I saw the outlook across the savannah on the high hill adove the Calabar. The Calabar is a pleasant town in a beauitful setting where the Calabar river flow from north across the city.


i also went to the national museum at onikan on lagos island house. where i saw numerous exhibits of nigeria's ancient civilisation. i also went to the jankara market on lagos island and saw bargain for locally dyed cotton and hardwoven cloth.

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trip to south Africa




After having a great time in Argentina be going to the party's it was good. But now am on my way to south africa to see the great thing that country have to offere. south africa is it the tip of africa. it is know for it safari. south africa is a very beauitful place looking down from the helicopter tour over the cape town, i saw some of south africa area's and most stunning sights and a great view of the table mountain. the helicopter tour flies over the beauitful white beaches and crystal clear altantic water. the cape town helicpter tour was great.
after seeing the cape town by air it how time for me to meet wih the people that live there and learn about there culture by going on a culture tour show with some of the oldest monuments and historieal sight in cape town. i visited the largest informal settlement khayelitsha. after that i meet and interact with the local community member but now its time for me to heand up north to nigeri.

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